How To Figure Out Which Penny Stocks To Watch

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Knowing which penny stocks to watch can be a tough job.  Discovering the best penny stocks to watch can be overwhelming for some investors.

There are not nearly as many larger stocks on the exchanges and in the OTC markets as there are penny stocks…  And, even in the larger stocks, the task of deciding which stocks to follow can be overpowering.

Here’s how I like to do it.

Identifying Which Penny Stocks To Watch

One of the biggest problems that you have when you are researching penny stocks happens because of the way penny stocks move.  Most micro-cap stocks are very “clumpy” in the way they move.  They often move in what appears to be “spurts.”  I’ve found that most penny stock price moves, especially in down or trading markets, seem to be limited to 1 to 3 days for an individual price move.

Although there are exceptions, most penny stocks seem to return to approximately pre-move levels or below by the third day of the move.  Then, they may not move again for months or years. So, I like to find them before they move.

I think that a 2 step process works well here.


Penny Stocks to Watch Often Have Increases in Volume before an Announcement

First, identify stocks that are about to move by watching their volume.  Significant increases in volume (50% or more) over several consecutive days should get your attention.  Use your brokerage firm’s trading platform and scan for stocks priced less than “whatever” with changes in volume to the upside.

Be sure not to use price change, especially if you intend to buy, unless it is accompanied by an increase in volume.  Price increases with shrinking or no significant change volume is a classical trading sign that the price may be about to reverse.  I’m not talking about a slow, gradual price increase on consistent, good volume –that is a sign that the price  may be going to continue to increase.

Second, check for news.  If you can’t find anything in the traditional media, call the company and identify yourself as a potential investor and that you noticed an increase in activity on their stock.  Ask if there is something happening that might affect the company’s financial situation, outlook, etc.

You will need to “schmooze” here.  Build rapport.  Listen more than you talk.  If they are evasive (they dance and convey “negative vibes” or hostility) scratch them off your list.  I say this because it’s often all a small company can do to not “let the cat out of the bag” if there is unannounced news.

If they “dance around” the discussion, say that there is a significant change or an announcement coming, or if the traditional media reports positive prospects/news/press release then add them to the list of companies that you want to follow.

There’s An Easy Way to Identify Penny Stocks to Watch

Believe me when I say that there is a lot of work involved in identifying the right penny stocks to watch.  For traders it’s a lot like hunting.  It can be a major thrill to “bag a big one.”

But, if you are like me, you may not have the time to spend beating the bushes to find the best  penny stocks to watch.  I use a service that I’ve had good success with called the Penny Stock Prophet by a gentleman by the name of James Connelly.  In a recent study that I conducted, more than 80% of his picks were profitable at some time during the 3 days following his recommendation.

Penny Stock Prophet Finds the Companies

One of the major things that the Penny Stock Prophet does for me is to tell me which stocks I should be looking at.  He does this via e-mails which have worked quite well for me.  When I get an e-mail about his recommendation, it contains his justification for his penny stock pick.  I can decide if I agree with his analysis and do any other research I feel is necessary.  Normally, he gives me at least 12 hours’ notice so I have time to react.

I’m really busy so having someone that I trust to give me good advice is important to me.  I hope that you will decide as I have that his one-time fee of $97 USD for a Life-Time Membership will pay for itself many times over.

It’s fully guaranteed for 60-days so if you decide that it’s not for you during the guarantee period, you will get your full purchase price back from ClickBank with no hassles whatsoever.

And, if you order your membership in Penny Stock Prophet right away, I’ve prepared a special, personally written bonus package for you that is in addition to the bonus that James Connelly will give you for joining Penny Stock Prophet.

My Penny Stock Prophet Success Bonus Package

I’m giving my bonus package to you as a thank you for buying your membership in Penny Stock Prophet. I really want to help you make a fortune by empowering you to trade the best penny stocks like a professional.

I created my Penny Stock Prophet Success bonus package myself. I personally wrote everything in it based upon my over 30 years of experience trading and investing in the financial markets and I will give it to you for free when you purchase your personal lifetime membership in Penny Stock Prophet.

And, even if, after you try Penny Stock Prophet, you decide that it isn’t for you, my bonus gift is still yours with my thanks for giving it a try! Now, don’t get me wrong…

… I truly believe that Penny Stock Prophet by James Connelly is a premium product and that anyone who will do what Jim says to do will make a fortune. Your lifetime membership in Penny Stock Prophet is totally self contained and is what I think most small investors need, especially if you are a newbie …

  • James Connelly does the research.
  • James Connelly figures out the timing.
  • James Connelly lets you know when to pull the trigger.

All you need to do is to do enough research to decide that he is right on and that you’d like to buy his recommendation. I think that it’s a great deal! And, his full package not only contains a lifetime membership in Penny Stock Prophet for an extremely reasonable price; his package also comes with very high quality bonus materials. It’s good stuff that I think you will actually be able to use.

The bonuses that I’ve come up with are designed to help you make the right decisions about your investments and trades based upon your membership in Penny Stock Prophet.

… And, I think that it sure would help you if you had the answers to 5 of the most pressing questions about Penny Stocks shared by many beginning and intermediate investors and traders alike… So, I came up with this 10-page Penny Stock, laser-targeted penny stock focused e-book to help.

Bonus #1 – 5 Essential Questions About Penny Stocks e-Book

Many traditional investors just plain don’t understand the ins and outs of penny stocks. This compact e-book answers the following 5 questions that many, if not all, investors new to the penny stock markets and trading will probably have:

  1. “What Is Penny Stock Investing?”
  2. “Can You Really Get Rich Using Penny Stock Investing Strategies?”
  3. “What Makes a Penny Stock Attractive?”
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  5. “When Should I Cash Out on My Penny Stock Investment?”

Don’t let the small size of this e-Book fool you! There is no fluff. This is an essential introductory e-book… Don’t let it slip through your fingers…

Bonus #2 – “The 3-R’s of Stock Market Investing.” An’ they ain’t “Reedin’, ‘Ritin’ nor ‘Ritmetic”… It’s short and sweet… Maybe the most important freebie that you’ll ever get.

And, Here’s The Kicker:

Bonus #3 – My 3-part article series “How to Use Penny Stock Prophet To Make More Money!” as a single, easy-to-read PDF. Discover WHY I think that Penny Stocks are a great way to go and how I think you should use the Penny Stock Prophet’s information to make money. It’s delivered via e-Mail right to your door step, so to speak, just as soon as I get a copy of your ClickBank receipt in my inbox (see below).

Okay.  So, if you are ready to order your membership in Penny Stock Prophet and want your bonus package… Now what?

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One More Thing That You Need To Know About This Deal

I know that it can be intimidating and maybe a bit frightening to order something on the internet, especially if you don’t buy online very often.

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Thanks for checking out How To Figure Out Which Penny Stocks To Watch!

Go, make a Fortune,

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