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Social media is a growing trend and it will continue to grow as time goes on. Billions of people use Facebook and more people tend to join every day. With this knowledge, it would be a no-brainer to get involved in the stocks and shares of a social media giant, as they can show you how the online market is moving and tend to be very huge influencers, especially giants like Facebook. There are millions of websites on the internet and some companies and organizations have placed them into a list of importance. One such company is Alexa.

The Alexa 500 is a list of the best and biggest global websites, and social media sites make up most of the top 10. It is not surprise then that social media stocks are very important to watch if you’re investing in online business. To give you a little direction, we have put together some of the best social media stocks that you should be following. If you’re still interested, continue to read on.


Facebook is an internet giant and is currently the largest social media platform on the internet. Its current market cap is close to $500 billion and the current prices of shares is around $170. The site itself is one of the most visited on the internet and is placed at number 3 on Alexa’s top 500 list. The company is based in California and have over 15 thousand employees. Dominating most of the social media space, Facebook is definitely a company to watch. Especially now considering they’ve purchased Instagram, which was number 15 on Alexa’s list.


It is safe to assume that Google is the most visited site on the internet and is definitely a social media platform that you need to watch. The internet giant is set as billions of people’s home screens on their browsers and they own both Google+ and YouTube. Although Google+ never really took off, YouTube is one of the large forms of social media on the platform. In fact, YouTube is the second most used search engine on the web, topping both Bing and Yahoo. Google’s current market cap is around $646 billion with the share prices hitting around $940.


LinkedInLinkedIn is the social media for businesses and professionals and is rapidly growing. The reason this company is growing is because it was purchased by Microsoft on 2016 and now holds a market cap of $566 billion with a share price of $73. The platform now has close to 500 million users and spans over 200 countries. It is still a very good investment opportunity as they have a very good combination of page daily visitors and page views.


Twitter is an interesting social media stock to watch, as it has been suggested in recent years that its growth has begun to slow down. The current market cap is 12 billion with shares prices of $16. Twitter is still on the increase and is a platform you need to watch. They are the 15th most visited site on the internet and have around 320 million users every month.

Main Takeaways

Social media is a massive thing in the online world and new companies are appearing all the time. However, out of all the sites on the internet, there are only a few that you need to watch. Facebook and Google are clearly the biggest sites and their social media platforms are currently head-to-head (YouTube and Facebook). Facebook also owns Instagram, so this makes them even more on a social media influencers. Twitter and LinkedIn are also great stocks to watch and it will be interesting to see their fate in coming years

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