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a day traderWith the recent developments in technology, individuals can now trade and invest from their own homes in their PJs. In most cases, the individuals doing this will either be swing or day traders. However, although the ones doing this are probably making a lot money, there are many that will go in and failure immediately, losing everything. There is no question about it, the day trade lifestyle is stressful and hard and is not what people initially expect. A lot of people want to become a day trader, even individuals already in the stock market industry because it seems so appealing.

You get to sit at home, be your own boss, trade whenever you like and you have the opportunity to make a lot of money. You also have the opportunity to lose a lot of money, however. Many of you will be wanting to get into the game but are not sure what to expect or what you need. This article will go over some of the things you need to become a day trader.

Save Up a Lot of Money

The first thing you are going to need if you’re thinking about day trading is money. There is no question about it, you’re going to need to have a sufficient amount of capital in order to give yourself a cushion if you make a mistake straight off the bat. In most cases, some professional day traders will lose a lot of money in one day but will be able to make it back the next. Have a lump sum of money underneath you can be a great way to test the field and develop a strategy.Save Up a Lot of Money


Have a Strategy

As I ended on the idea of strategies with the last point, let’s develop it further. If you want to be a day trader you need to have a strategy before you enter the market. All the professionals already have their methods and are following a strict plan with rules. If you go into the market unprepared you’re asking to lose money.

There are a lot of different strategies you can take. However, you need to make sure you can cover the commissions for your trades. This means that with the money you have you should be investing in good sized stocks with price movements. You also need to know your entry and exit points. These are very important.

day trader stratergies

Technical Skills

If you want to be a master day trader you have to have a number of skills. If you don’t have these skills then you may not be cut out to be a day trader. One such skill is mathematical ability. You need to be able to understand charts and numbers if you want a chance at understanding the stock market and its movements. If you don’t know how to read a candlestick chart you’re be doomed from the start. Charts and numbers are the fundamentals of the stock market and you need know the right knowledge if you are to succeed.


Day trading is a great skills to have and you could make a hell of a lot of money if you master it. The fact of the matter still stands though, you may not have the skills, capital or knowledge to even begin trading. It is recommended you have $100,000 before you quit your job to become a trader because you need that financial cushion in case you lose some money. Evaluate your skills and map out your traits. This will help you decide whether day trading is for you.

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